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Welcome to soccer foresight. Our goal is to help you become a more successful sports bettor. To do this we provide you with betting tips consisting of games that we think offer a good expected value. We provide articles that teach you how to become a successful punter. We also offer reviews of some of the very best sports books online.

The secret to becoming a successful betting is to be devoted to your trade. You will have to decide if you want to be:pinnacle

  • a “gambler”, someone who is dependent on luck to win money.
  • or an “investor”, a person who invest his money in sport events that he knows  will give good return.

The gambler is likely to loose money over time, the investor is likely to win money over time. It is important that to know that no player can predict every game correctly. The investors secret is to use expected value and risk management to make sure that he eliminates luck from the equation and uses techniques that makes it very likely that he will win money over time regardless of the outcome in every individual game.

mobilbetTo become an investor takes a lot of time and dedication. If you just want to place a few bets every now and then for the excitement of it then it might be better to remain a gambler.

Sport investors avoid all games where they are unable to eliminate the house edge. This means that they avoid games such as slots, black jack and roulette. Games that gamblers tend to like. In very rare cases it is possible for jackpot slots to offer a positive expected value when they offer a very big jackpot. However, by learning strategies at Casino Guide you will increase your chances in some casino games, especially poker and black jack.

If you want to become a sport investor you will need to learn how to use proper bankroll management, how to calculate Expected Value (EV) and decide which sport you want to focus on.

betssonYou will need to choose to focus on a single sport. This is due to the fact that it is too hard to stay well informed on many sport. Your goal should be to stay better informed than the people setting the odds. If you choose a popular sport you might be better of focusing on just a certain league. It is hard to know everything about soccer. It is easier to stay well informed about the premier league or la liga.

Proper bankroll management tell you how much you should bet on each event. A very single bankroll management limits your bet to a small fixed sum that has been chosen to minimize the effect luck has on your bottom line. More advanced bank roll management adjust the betting size based on the expected value of the game.

Expected value let you decide which games are worth investing your money in and which are not. The expected value is the difference between the odds and the chance that a certain outcome will occur.

You should strive to learn more about everything I have talked about above as well as all other aspects of sports betting. The more you know. The higher the chance that you will win money over time.

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