Progressive jackpot

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that increases in size. In online casinos, it is very popular with progressive jackpots that increases in size each time someone makes a wager on the game where winning the jackpot is possible. For each wager, a certain percentage of the wager goes to feed the progressive jackpot.

mega fortuneA pooled progressive jackpot is fed jointly by players in many different casinos. One example of such as progressive jackpot is the Mega Jackpot that can be won on the Mega Fortune slot machine. All the Mega Fortune slot machines feed the same Mega Jackpot. So, it doesn’t matter if you play Mega Fortune in Mr Green Casino, Play Hippo Casino or Betsson Casino – you are feeding the same progressive Mega Fortune Mega Jackpot.

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The opposite of the pooled progressive jackpot is the non-pooled (also known as unique) progressive jackpot. In an online casino, such a progressive jackpot is only fed by players in that specific casino. One example of such a jackpot is the Super Jackpot that can be won when playing the Super Lucky Frog slot. If you play Super Lucky Frog in Mr Green Casino, the Super Jackpot that you can win is one that has been fed by Mr Green players only. When the Super Jackpot is won in Mr Green Casino, it does not impact the size of the Super Lucky Frog Super Jackpot in any other casino, since this is not a pooled progressive jackpot.

hall of godsBefore you start playing a casino game hoping to win a progressive jackpot, it is important to check the rules. On some games, you can only win the progressive jackpot when you bet the max bet or when you bet on all paylines or when you fulfill some other specific requirement. Another configuration that is common is the one where anyone can win a progressive jackpot, even the player betting the minimum wager, but your chance of winning a progressive jackpot will be proportional to the size of your wager so the person betting the maximum bet will have a much higher chance of winning a progressive jackpot than the person betting the minimum bet.

Another important thing is to check how your progressive jackpot will be paid out if you win. For most casino games, the money is yours right away – but there are exceptions. Some casinos games with big progressive jackpots will not give you all the money at once. Instead, the amount is divided up into parts and paid out over several years. Example: You win a €1.2 million progressive jackpot. Instead of receiving the whole amount, you receive €120,000 this year, €120,000 next year, and so on, until you have received the full amount. With such as jackpot, it is usually possible to opt for a one-time payment instead, but then the amount you get will be reduced. So, in the example above, you might be able to get a one time payout of €600,000 instead of ten payouts á €120,000.