Online casino

casinoToday, most online casinos have games that open directly in your web browser. This is convenient, since you don’t have to download and install a casino client on your computer. However, playing in this fashion takes up more bandwidth than playing in a downloaded casino client. With a casino client installed on your computer, graphics, sound effect, animations, etc are stored on your computer. Only information about game selection, wager size, outcome and similar needs to be sent back and forth between your computer and the casino server.

Because of this, gambling in a downloaded casino client can be a good option if you are on a slow or unstable internet connection, or if you want to devote most of your bandwidth to something else while you play, e.g. downloading files or streaming a movie. Please be advised that many downloadable casino clients work with Windows only. If you are on a Mac computer, there are much fewer casino clients for you to chose between.

Mobile casino

During recent years, most gambling sites have added a mobile casino to their offering. A modern mobile casino is filled with games adapted for mobile play, i.e. touch screen play on smartphones and tablets. A good mobile casino will also be designed in a way that makes mobile navigation easy even if you ware on a small-screen smartphone.

Earlier, a casino game would normally need to be specially adapted to work with mobile devices. Today, several major game developers have switch to HTML5 which means that new casino games work with mobile devices without any special adaption.

online casinoSome mobile casinos open directly in the web browser of your mobile device. Others have a casino app available for mobile gambling. Earlier, it was quite common for mobile casinos to only offer an app for >either> iOS >or> Android. Today, most mobile casinos have one app availble for iOS and another one for Android. Some also have apps for other mobile devices, but this is more unsual.

If you like to play casino games on your mobile device, check the options for mobile depositing and withdrawing of money before you select a casino. Some operators still do no offer any options for mobile depositing and withdrawing of money. With these casinos, you need to use a traditional computer for transactions to and from your casino account. Of course, this is annoying for anyone who chiefly plays on the mobile device.

Live dealer casino online

Live casino dealers online offers a combination of a traditional casino and a modern online casino. In a live dealer casino, real flesh and blood dealers work at real gambling tables. However, since the dealer’s work in front of web cameras, you don’t have to come to them. You can visit these casinos online, and the web cameras will show you what’s going on. Live dealer casinos are available for traditional computers as well as for modern mobile devices.

In a live dealer casino, there is usually a chat window that you can use to chat with your dealer, if you want to. In some live dealer casinos, chatting with fellow players is also possible.

Since a live dealer casino is like a traditional casino, but in a casino studio, no Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to determine the outcome. In a live dealer casino, the roulette ball spins in a reel roulette wheel, blackjack is played with a real physical deck, sic bo is played with real physical dice, and so on.