Casino bonus

casino bonusUnfortunately, it is still common for casino players to accept casino bonuses without reading the terms and conditions of the offer. Visit any online gambling forum, and you will find disgruntled players that are angry because their account was frozen (because of a wager requirement) or because their bonus money was removed from the account (because they made a withdrawal without first fulfilling the wager requirement).

A contributing factor to this situation is of course that many online casinos are very fuzzy about the exact terms and conditions of bonus offers. It is not unusual to find casino bonus offers online where it is impossible to know if the wager requirement applies to the bonus money only, or to bonus amount + deposited amount, without really digging deep into the super fine print of the general Terms of Service Agreement for the casino.

Before you accept any casino bonus, we recommend that you make the effort of actually reading the terms and conditions of the bonus offers. This way, you can decrease the risk of unpleasant surprises. If you wonder about anything, contact the casino’s customer support.

When can I withdraw my bonus?

This depends on the bonus rules. Here are few common configurations:

  • You can’t withdraw your bonus money at all, only the winnings generated by your bonus money.
  • You can withdraw your bonus money, but only when you have fulfilled the wager requirement for the bonus amount.
  • You can withdraw your bonus money, but only when you have fulfilled the wager requirement for the bonus amount and for the deposited amount.

Wager requirement

bonusA wager requirement, also known as a play-through requirement, is a common bonus condition. It is there to protect the casino from people who would otherwise just accept the bonus money, withdraw them and leave.

Example: You accept a €100 bonus where the wager requirement is 20x the bonus amount. You must now wager €2,000 in the casino to fulfill the wager requirement.

In some situations, your entire casino account will be frozen until you have fulfilled the wager requirement. This means that you can withdraw any money from it. No bonus money, no winnings, not even money that you have deposited. A frozen account usually means that you can’t even money any money to other parts of the gambling site. If you get your account frozen by the casino section, you can’t use the money for sports betting or poker, and so on.

In some casinos, you can make a withdrawal at any time you like, but if you do a withdrawal without fulfilling the bonus wager requirement first, the full bonus mount will be removed form your account.

What is a no-deposit bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a bonus that you get without having to make a deposit. Due to increased competition online, many casinos are today offering a no deposit bonus to new customers as a way of attracting new sign-ups. As soon as you complete the registration process, you get your no deposit welcome bonus. A no deposit welcome bonus is usually quite small; €5 – €30 is normal.

Before you accept a no deposit bonus, check the rules regarding winnings. It is not uncommon for online casinos to have a rule that says that you can not withdraw any money from your account until you have actually made a deposit into it. It is also common for winnings generated by a no deposit bonus to be bonus money, with a wager requirement, rather than cash money that can be withdrawn at will.